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Picture of students throwing hats after finished study - to symbolise completion


We are getting things done. Find below all the projects we were involved in and which were completed. Each one of them represents an important learning experience which helped us grow - not only as an organisation but also in insights. 



This regional project focused on the collection, collation and analysis of data on terrorism and violent extremism trends in the Balkans during the period January 2020 until December 2021. 

Painting of Bill Gates and a syringe with the text "to the prick"
Logo of research project EUTEX which SCENOR is leading



Together with Austrian and German partners, CAYET built capacity of youth workers to help prevent violent extremism and radicalization of young people. The project was funded by the European Union and ongoing.



Together with numerous European partners, we developed an entirely new European framework for a more successful disengagement and reintegration of imprisoned extremist offenders. The project was funded by the European Union.

Logo of research project RAIDAR in which SCENOR is involved in



RAIDAR developed an AI-based digital platform for a partially automated analysis of online content which endangers democracy, fosters hatred and enhances radicalization. The project was funded by the Austrian security research fund KIRAS.

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