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Reshaping Extremist and Terrorist Landscape Post COVID in the Balkans region

This regional project focused on the collection, collation and analysis of data on terrorism and violent extremism trends in the Balkans during the period January 2020 until December 2021. While thus far not the target of major jihadi or right-wing extremist attacks, each country in the Balkans region presents manifestations or terrorist and extremist activity.






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  • To centralize and consolidate relevant information and trends regarding the impacts of COVID-19 on violent extremism and terrorism in the Balkan region.

  • To produce analytical reports and recommendations based on the data collected at the regional level.

  • A research report analysing the trends at the regional level for the year 2020, emphasizing COVID-19 impacted periods.

  • A partial analytical report analysing the trends at the regional level for the year 2021 through to September 2021.

  • A final update to complete the 2021 analytical report, covering events through December 2021.

The project mapped and assessed the evolution of extremist trends and national CVE responses in time as impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and explored correlations between the variables
to assess impact of the pandemic and of the countermeasures. Qualitative data allowed the in-depth exploration and contextualization of these trends and  the identification of influential actors.


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