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Our project consortium included a range of internationally recognized organisations that complemented each other's expertise and had a history of successful collaboration. These included youth organisations, educators of both young people and adults, and innovative companies and scientific partners.

The bOJA - Bundesweites Netzwerk Offene Jugendarbei, Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Mobile Jugendarbeit/Streetwork Baden-Württemberg e.V., Danish Youth Team are among our youth organisation partners. The International University (Erfurt, Germany) is dedicated to exploring innovative methods, such as the computer game developed in this project, in social work. Serious Games Interactive (SGI) seeks to combine gaming experience with educational training. SCENOR aims to translate and make available scientific concepts to a broad range of public, which includes young people. To this end, it has been in search of new and attractive methods, and the gaming approach proposed in GameD was a promising avenue. Modus|zad has unique knowledge on the junction of gaming and extremism, and is a pioneer in the field. SCENOR and Modus|zad are both members of the Extremism Gaming Research Network (EGRN).

SCENOR logo in blue and black
Logo of project partner Serious Games Interactive in Denmark
Logo DYT.png
Logo of project partner Modus Zad in Germany
Logo of project partner International University in Germany
Logo of project partner BOJA in Austria
Logo of project partner LAG Mobile in Germany
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