Capacity-building in youth work in dealing with new forms of extremism through innovative online tools

CAYET will increase the capacity of youth workers in preventing violent extremism and
radicalization amongst young people through innovative digital tools (IDTs) which they can easily apply in their daily work. IDTs are not booklets or guidelines as thus far developed, but actual digital tools, tailored to youth work and evidence based.

  • Develop and put at the disposal of youth workers innovative digital educational resources to understand and prevent violent extremism and radicalization. This involves creating an innovative digital toolbox directly relevant to everyday youth work to be placed online and containing:

    1. a constantly updatable, accessible and ready-to-use extremism online repository (open educational resources and analyses) with the most recent and evidence-based information about extremist scenes in Austria and Germany (there in particular Baden-Württemberg with a population comparable to Austria). The information will be provided in the form of short analyses, infographics, summaries of relevant research and contain insights on features, manifestations, strategies, iconography and online products with which extremists target youth on "" and

    2. an online repository of ready-to-use innovative educational and digital tools for youth work (video games such as DECOUNT, videos, etc.) which were developed specifically for the purpose of extremism prevention in youth work – including pedagogical material; this will be placed on “”.

  • Train youth workers in a number of specific training workshops in thepractical use of these resources.

  • Evaluate the tools and the trainings and produce a report on best practices and best transferability options.


Youth workers have turnkey access to easy-to-use IDTs on extremism and radicalization and practical digital tools for their daily work – which are also appealing for young people, such as games and videos, and they are able to use them. Based on the train-the-trainer concept, these skills will be transferable to colleagues. Youth workers have an increased capacity to prevent extremism and youth profit from methods promoting critical thinking, media literacy, civic
engagement and democracy.